TWUSUPER – Rebrand

TWUSUPER is the Industry Super Fund for people in transport and logistics, but their logo and brand had hardly changed in over 15 years, and was clearly contributing to a fall in audience association and consequently membership. So in order to re-establish the fund as the trusted choice for Australian transport workers, we were tasked with giving them a fresh makeover.
The solution lay in the fact that transport workers never stop - in fact, they literally keep Australia moving. To demonstrate this, we created five dynamic lines symbolising the transport industry in motion - the blur of trucks, buses, vans, planes and taxis criss-crossing the country every minute of the day. This movement even morphed into the shape of Australia itself.
The rebrand was applied across all fund collateral: from office interiors to stationery; their website to truck sides; PDS’s to TVC’s and a new fund was born.