Zaparas Lawyers: Soccer Sponsorship Videos

Zaparas Lawyers are specialist lawyers who focus on personal injury. They pride on a deep understanding of their clients. They primarily concentrate on helping victims and their families move on after an injury. As family lawyers, they are dedicated to helping their community, both on and off the field. They regularly show support for local families through sponsorship opportunities.

One area of sponsorship that Zaparas are fanatical about is football (soccer). They support over 15 clubs from grassroots clubs such as the Oakleigh Cannons to professional clubs like Melbourne Victory.

Zaparas engaged The Creative Works to conceptualise a pair of videos. The aim was to show fans of soccer that Zaparas are dedicated both to their sport and above all to their recovery.

With a focus on local Melbourne clubs, the first video centred around Zaparas’ support for all clubs. From the minor leagues to the A-League was the theme. This was shot in half a day on the Melbourne Victory training ground. Participants included over 60 kids playing for a variety of local clubs and three of Melbourne Victory's star players.

The longer community video was filmed over a 14-hour day where 5 district soccer teams (from Victoria & Queensland) competed for the ‘Zaparas Shield'. As a result, it became a great opportunity to interview the players and coaches about the vital role sport plays in binding communities together.