Content Creative Digital Marketing Strategy

The Brief

TCW was approached by the Department of Health and Human Services to build awareness for the Carer Gateway program. This required a significant shift in behaviour as many carers are inherently selfless.  Delivered in Victoria by local not-for-profit Merri Health, the program offers free advice and support for unpaid carers, who in most cases don’t actually see themselves as carers and therefore believe they’re ineligible for government support.


TCW developed a creative device that was inspired by the program’s brand name and identity.  

The circular brandmark and word ‘gateway’ was reminiscent of the portals and gateways that feature commonly in many classic sci-fi TV series that transport people instantly from one place to another.  This emerged as the perfect visual metaphor for Carer Gateway, who instantly connect carers with free support or a service provider if they need it.   
The gateway metaphor is supported by the campaign line Your Gateway to Support which features in all campaign material running through TV, Radio, Print, Social Media, YouTube, OOH, events and Digital channels.