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The Brief

Australia has been focusing for decades on preventing physical health conditions like diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, and cancers. Yet the prevention of mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety has received little attention. 

As their name suggests, Prevention United focus on trying to prevent many common mental disorders from occurring, thereby averting the distress and disability they can cause, along with the strain it places on our mental health system.

‘Staying Ahead’ is an online personalised prevention program consisting of 11 modules that participants can undertake in privacy that assesses their current personal needs, then equips individuals with the life-skills they need to face stressful daily situations without becoming overwhelmed.

what we did

We were entrusted to create the branding, design and build the website, plus create 11 video and 4 audio modules to ensure the program was as interactive and motivating as possible.


I’m very impressed with the program. Truly tremendous.