Tailored marketing to increase conversions

Marketing Automation helps your business tailor content to potential customers to increase conversions. Using tailored content based on the contact’s place in the sales journey can provide them with the necessary information to convert them into a customer.

Engage with your customers with automation

Many companies will use basic Marketing Automation as the first point of contact with a new customer, which may be a welcome Email or even something more specific like an SMS appointment reminder. These contact points are the first time you can provide your customers with relevant content and is vital in establishing a relationship with them.

Take your automation to the next level

Like to deliver relevant and targeted content to a customer/lead based on their actions and behaviours toward previous content?

For example, a customer/lead might download a complimentary document from your website that will start an entire email marketing series of relevant content. From there, if the contact reads a specific email or clicks a specific link it can trigger further targeted content based on what we know they have already engaged with.

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